Hi, I'm Cas Becker

I’m a young enthusiastic psychology student, dancer to be, singer-songwriter and hard-core reader. I love to travel a lot and my study is my passion. All these things are currently being done by me in the city of Amsterdam. Take a look at my portfolio/CV to see my background and interests.
Cas Becker @Italy
Cas Becker @Piano/ Bax-shop

Impossible List

Since I love starting new projects and going on travels, I have made an impossible list to keep track of my goals and keep evolving them. I love developing myself. You could check this out to see what I’ve been up to, but mostly to take a glance at the challenges I’m posing myself at the time.

Contact Me

At the moment I am not looking for new jobs or applications. I’m quite busy and love the things I do. But since I’m always open to suggestions and new experiences, you could press this lovely button. It’ll get you to the page where you can contact me.
Cas Becker @Live music night
Cas Becker @Russia

My Blog

Currently my main focus is on my study and dancing, but in my spare time I love to experiment with writing. There are not many articles in there yet but if you want to see the extremely inspiring and good writing of Cas Becker *cough* you could click here to take a look at it.